Neptune in Cancer

Neptune in Cancer union displays individuals’ attachment to the roots and love for home. This love may get displayed either in the form of patriotism or link to a national philosophy, homemaking or even cooking and keep their family happy in every possible way. Having a liking to variety of dishes, these individuals themselves are sweet lovers and one should not be wondering if they end up having sugar related disorders quite early in life or at a later stage. Homely affairs keep them attached and they are fond of eating. 

This attachment shows through in both real and virtual manner. While Neptune in Cancer combination may prompt individuals carry an ideology about home, they really love their family and children and are best in the role of both father and mother. Relationships don’t trouble them and because of their love and dedication for the family, they can overlook others’ faults, forget an ongoing issue and continue to focus on the family bond. Their inner sensitivity makes them quite sympathetic about others and being psychologically strong, they at the same time can hide their emotions.  

Their love and commitment towards family is so high that they not only carry on well with ongoing traditions but also tend to ensure that they get followed by the coming generations. They are very attached to family customs and beliefs. This is a peculiarity about Neptune in Cancer combo. This love can show through in some of their work by means of maintaining an ancestral record, producing a family tree or collection of old photographs. 

Being too family oriented, these individuals mingle well with other family members and are the first to pamper in good or bad times of their counterparts. This further, makes them good counsellors about family matters. A focussed approach in profession may allow these guys coming from Neptune in Cancer union do more and better for their family.

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