Neptune in Aries

Very religious individuals with strong belief in peace for self and the society are the resultant of Neptune in Aries. They may be oozing with energy but all their strength may come from their beliefs and for this reason they are the extraordinary personalities for those around them. These people may adopt aggressive or defensive methods to revolutionise the life in society as they have a strong wish to see a higher standards of living. 

Fearless about shaping their artistic ideas, they can be seen pursuing projects of that kind. But this passion to convert virtual images into reality may be hazardous as they may get cheated in the process. Restrictions and limitations frustrate them and they tend to break orthodox beliefs and lead to high accomplishments. This inclination of individuals to bring about change in existing patterns, as an implication of Neptune in Aries, goes on in other facets like literature, arts or music too. When they believe in their intrinsic quality to bring novelty in a stream they chose, the world can expect a masterpiece to get produced in that stream. 

To enforce beliefs that are religious or spiritual in nature, some individuals may fight to see those beliefs in place and this could be any means - war or peace! Bravery is what they want to see in both these patterns of bringing about change the intended change. This is another peculiarity about individuals with Neptune in Aries and thus, they get attracted to heroism of some sort and like to practice similar ways in their own life too. This behavioural aspect displays as another trait in their personality that is, to be unhesitant to enter the battlefield, regardless of whether they have the requisite skills to fight and the risks involved thereby. All that matters for them is to fight for the community or those needing help.

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