Neptune in Aquarius

The most predominant prediction made at the time of entrance of Neptune in Aquarius is emergence of a spiritual love, with too many people getting romanticized with each other and standing united, not only those who know each other but as strangers too. This planet-zodiac union symbolizes love for humanity as a whole and this feeling of oneness is more telepathic nature and at the same time, prompts an inclination towards accepting the existence of groups frankly. This inclination gets extended to a liking for respect for others’ viewpoints, feelings and in creating a win-win situation for everyone by sharing an open space. Even further, every individual’s contribution in the group gets equally valued as if the entire group is working for one purpose & it cannot be achieved unless everybody’s contribution counts! 

Neptune in Aquarius provokes more of an eccentric approach of individuals towards love and it is also more liberal. As a result, the spirituality getting prompted sideways comes into picture as an essential element for the support of those into a real bond of love or friendship. Period of Stay of Neptune in Aquarius is the period when people meet other people who are friends, lovers or relatives of their previous lives and in this period, they also know that we are involved in not one, but numerous types of love with different people. With new loves getting born, old myths about love getting broken and need felt for a more broad-minded outlook about them, there is an indication that it was time we invented fresh perspectives about all this. 

A combination rarest of its kind, Neptune in Aquarius indicates world’s strong inclination towards environment consciousness, naturopathic healing, spiritualism, awareness towards inner happiness, and the awakening within. Thus, this period of high romanticism is free from envies and is based more upon aligning, acceptance and sympathy. You should not be surprised if newer mysteries related to mind and spirit unfold in front of your eyes as a result of scientific advancements. Closeness with religion and belief in God gets noticed in this period of Neptune in Aquarius and this gets visibly seen in the form of love and empathy for each other.

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