Moon in Virgo

People born under the moon in Virgo are admired for their discipline, as they stick to a routine which they have grown accustomed to and which make things work for them.  They tend to look more on the practical side rather than dwell on the emotional side of life.  They learn from their mistakes, which is why there is a very minimal chance of committing the same error twice.  Since these people do not put much emphasis on sentimentality, most of the time their decisions can be counted on as being credible since the same was arrived at with a clear and logical mind, unaffected by any emotional outburst.  This analytical and rational way of thinking is what we may just need in case there are serious decisions which have to be made. 

Basically, these individuals like to discover new ways on how to work efficiently as they are regarded as the “perfectionists” in the zodiac family.  When there are things needed to be done, we can count on them to accomplish it.  As long as their efforts are appreciated, they will gladly continue doing it.  They do not even make a big fuss of running errands as they will gladly have it accomplished.  They easily find comfort in the fact that their daily routines are working perfectly, and that they are useful in everything they do.   The people born under this sign also take note of those little details which we normally do not pay attention to in order to make sure that everything is in order.  They work very hard and with minimal supervision, which makes them efficient professional workers handy to have around in the office or even at our homes.  What is more admirable is that the people born under the moon sign in Virgo can easily learn and pick up new things and spend no time in applying this new-found knowledge to good use.

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