Moon in the Signs

The presence of Moon in the signs is as important as your Sun sign. The Moon is considered to be the body that rules your personality whereas the Sun rules your individuality. In Hindu astrology it is said that the Moon rules your mind whereas the Sun rules your soul. Therefore to get a better understanding of yourself, you will need to get a combined reading of both your

sun and moon signs. The Moon sign refers to the position of the Moon in your sign at the time of your birth. It is said that the Moon usually stays for a period of 2.5 days before moving away and so you will be able to find out about your moon sign even if you don’t know the exact time of your birth.

Some may not particularly agree with the reading of their Moon in the signs. This is mostly because they fail to fully understand the entire description of their signs. Some even base their entire view on a few generalities instead of finding the thread that connects them all. Also it is important that the information regarding where the celestial bodies were located during the time of birth be accurately written down. This will directly affect how strongly a certain personality trait will exist in an individual. Inaccurate information often leads to many people getting their readings wrong.

Moon in the signs points towards the inner reality of one’s spirit and gives an insight into the emotional base of an individual. By understanding more about your Moon sign you will be able to understand what feeds your spirit and the emotional atmosphere that surrounds you. Change after all has to first come from within. Each Moon sign is different from the other. The Aries Moon makes the individual emote in a direct and often fiery way whereas the Cancer Moon makes the individual share their innermost emotions. Those with the Taurus Moon often thrive in stable situations and have loads of patience. Some Moon signs like the Sagittarius Moon, Libra Moon etc are more light natured whereas the Scorpion Moon is a turbulent and intense one. Individuals under the Virgo Moon are considered to be creatures of habit who often sort, analyze and refine their specific routines. They are also seen as a healing force for others. One can improve oneself and get rid of their bad qualities by understanding and utilizing the knowledge provided by the Moon in the signs.

Moon in the Signs of the Zodiac:

Moon in Aries
Moon in Taurus
Moon in Gemini
Moon in Cancer
Moon in Leo
Moon in Virgo
Moon in Libra
Moon in Scorpio
Moon in Sagittarius
Moon in Capricorn
Moon in Aquarius
Moon in Pisces

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