Moon in Taurus

For the people born under the moon in Taurus sign, their lives are centered on one thing: stability.  They believe that a good life can be attained as long as a firm foundation is established. Thus, these persons easily get irritated when they encounter other people who find themselves changing their minds every now and then or even those who simply have no direction.  We can depend on them to take charge of any given situation, but they want to do so based on an orderly process, as they choose to make a thorough assessment of any circumstance. They have exceptional work principles, which is basically one of the main reasons why they succeed in whatever they venture in life.  They are especially adept in financial matters so if we need any sound financial advice, they are in the best position to do so since this is their specialty. 

These individuals are also known to be trustworthy and courteous, but we should not abuse their good-nature because once they get fed up with people who tend to take advantage of them, these persons hold grudges and find it hard to forgive those people who have wronged them.  People will not even find it difficult to get along with them as they are not that very demanding and lay content with the situation on hand.   They make very good friends in a sense that they will listen to our problems by extending a sympathetic ear.  Also, since these people are focused more on stability, it will be difficult for them to adjust any changes.  We cannot expect them to deviate from an established routine, most especially if it is one which they have grown accustomed to.  These people love to commune with nature and are therefore much more comfortable with outdoor activities, such as hiking and mountain climbing.

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