Moon in Scorpio

The people born under the moon in Scorpio sign are known for their emotional passion as they yearn for commitment.  Though this may seem troubling to some, they only want to lay their fears to rest, that the persons they are mingling with are those whom they can trust.  This is why it is not very surprising why people under this sign thin of various ways of testing their relationship with their friends or companions.  However, once they know that they are able to establish this trust, these people are known to be very dedicated and faithful. People born under this sign also have the unique ability to assess the feelings and personalities of others.  It is as if these people can see right through and read the persons they are talking, all in a matter of seconds! They are highly-charged individuals and encounter difficulty in controlling their emotions. They are also known to be fearless and quite possessive, and because of their strong personality, they can easily intimidate others.  People will also have a difficult time trying to jolt their senses because they have that “it isn’t over until it’s over” attitude as their fighting spirit remains unparalleled and unmatched by any other member of the zodiac.  Their determination and will to achieve their desired goal is what prevents them from admitting the possibility of defeat, a trait which is both admired and detested by many people. Amid all these, their ambitious and intelligent nature is what makes them stand out from the rest.  They are known for their excellent memory, which is why we should be careful when we say things to them.  A symbol of courage and power, people born under the moon in Scorpio are wary of people who may betray them, which is why they thoroughly screen any individual they come into contact to.     

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