Moon in Sagittarius

The people born under the moon in Sagittarius are known for their sunny disposition and optimistic outlook in life. They are very confident of themselves, though the same may sometimes amount to being too overconfident. These people crave for adventure and are not afraid to take risks in what they do, and are ready to venture into the unknown horizon, unmindful if it stores any dangers of threats to their lives.  This is why they may find themselves often having new jobs as they do not want to stick to any routinary procedure.  They look forward to new experiences and encounters because this is what they believe will make them progress in life. They do not like being restricted in their actions as they feel secure when they are allowed to spread their wings and explore new grounds.  While others may entertain second thoughts in trying out new things, these individuals, without batting an eyelash, are ready to take the challenges and mysteries which lie in wait for them. Though they are ready to face these challenges, people under this sign are said to be irresponsible and reckless in their lives.  This can be attributed to their exploratory nature which impels them to try out new things without regard to their safety and well-being. 

Another trait common to the people born under the moon in Sagittarius sign is there generous nature, though some people tend to take advantage of it.  They encounter no problems of getting along well with others and can easily make new acquaintances, thanks to their wits and charm, and their willingness to extend a helping hand to others.  These people are also loaded with lots of energy which is why they tend to speak off more than they should.  Hence, these people tend to become tactless and earn the ire of other people which can cause conflicts.  

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