Moon in Pisces

They are treated as the “emotional sponges” as they have the ability to absorb the feelings and sentiments of other individuals.  These are the people born under moon in Pisces.   Nonetheless, these people are very sensitive and their feelings get easily hurt so we should watch what we say when we are in front of them.   In dealing with any situation, these individuals would choose to take an emotional approach which, sadly, has its own downside. In order to deter these deleterious effects, there is a need for these persons to establish a strong and solid emotional base in order for them to get on with their lives.

People who are emotionally independent do not mix well with the people born under the moon in Pisces sign.  At times, people born under this sign choose to pick on others if only to hide their emotional shortcomings.  Nevertheless, these people do not stick around with their friends if they feel that they are not needed.  Instead, they would just scout around for another individual who would need their help.  This is the reason why some people may interpret their actions as that of bordering on martyrdom, because there are times that these people would go the extra mile, to the extent of making the supreme act of self-sacrifice just to help another person in need.  Also, while these people can deal and solve major problems in their lives, surprisingly, they encounter difficulty resolving trivial matters. 

They are also regarded as both the imaginative and creative members of the zodiac family. Their ideas may be hard to fathom and comprehend because though imaginative as they are, they sometimes fail to get in touch with reality.  Thus, their ideas are sometimes interpreted as being too impractical or hardly believable.   Nonetheless, it is this kind of imagination which may make good artists or writers because this is exactly what they need to progress in their field.

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