Moon in Libra

The people born under the moon in Libra sign are called the “peacemakers” of the zodiac family.  As much as possible, they want to avoid disagreements and would try their best to arrive at a peaceful solution for all problems. They are basically afraid to hurt the feelings of others and may at times resort to “white lies” to avoid those negative sentiments. This is the reason why they make great companions because they will try everything in their power to create and promote a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.  Any attempt to provoke these people just to elicit an irate reaction would be a futile exercise since they are experts in avoiding these situations.   

These people make good mediators as they are willing to listen to both sides for which we can be assured of a fair judgment.  Because they are afraid of hurting the feelings of others, they have the unique ability of amplifying the good traits in a person and presenting the brighter side of the coin.  They know what the people want to hear so that is what they only say, because it is very important for them that everyone will feel happy and content with the situation, even if it entails twisting the facts a little bit.  They can even make good ambassadors of goodwill and make effective bridges in establishing the lines of communication. 

Unfortunately, the only problem with the people born under the moon in Libra sign is that they find it difficult to say “no” in any circumstance, most especially if the situation calls for it.  Hence, people tend to take advantage of their “diplomatic” nature. These people, in turn, then tend to act irrationally when their sense of fair judgment is clouded by the fact that they seek the approval of other people. Nevertheless, what is important is that these people generally try to keep the peace among all human beings.

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