Moon in Leo

People born under the moon in Leo sign are the type of persons who are not shy to express their emotions, which is why they are best suited in the field of entertainment, since they love being in the spotlight and are able to amuse others with their actions.  These people always have a sunny disposition as they always look at the brighter side of life which makes them great leaders. Their optimism is one thing which can be marvelled at, since they act on the belief that nothing is impossible as long as everyone exerts an effort to make it happen. Their ability to lead is fantastic since as they inspire others to do well. However, they tend to be stubborn if people do not recognize and respect the fact on who is in charge, which unfortunately can lead to their downfall.  Nevertheless, they have their ambitions which serve as their motivating factor in leading the pack and inspiring others to work, as they ooze with confidence and use their charisma in getting things done. 

Emotional as they are, they are romantics at heart. They are not that bashful to make their feelings known, and are even quite creative in their work.  They are determined to make a difference and make sure that they leave a lasting impression so that they could be remembered.  This leads to another personality trait of those born under the moon in Leo: their obsession with their vanity.  They crave for attention and want to be praised for their work, unmindful if the persons making these comments have any hidden agenda in uttering it.  What matters most to them is that they heap praises for their work in order to boost their inflated ego.  For them, pride and honor are the two important things to consider in life.

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