Moon in Gemini

For people born under the moon in Gemini, the twin signs in the zodiac, they have the distinct capability of having two separate personalities.  At one time, they may be pleasant to have around, while on the next instance, they can suddenly get moody and irritable.  Thus, this is the reason which is why their behaviour can be quite unpredictable.  Nevertheless, despite their “dual nature”, these persons are known to possess excellent speaking and writing abilities, as they are famous for their wits and charm which help them get around.   

They prefer analyzing a situation before jumping into it, which for them is a safe and intellectual approach.  They are very handy to have around since they are well-versed in every given situation making them a proverbial “fountain of knowledge.”  They like to exercise both their minds and bodies as they tend to get bored easily which is why they move around a lot and do not stay put at a certain place or even in any situation.  Once they get bored, laziness starts to set in.  Thus, it is very important for them to socialize because they get their minds to work when they deal with other people.  In any given situation, they are always prepared with numerous questions in mind in order to be sure that all bases are covered and that no detail is left out.  We can depend on them to organize things, but when it comes to making decisions, their ability to do so may be compromised because they may not be prepared to make it. 

In any given relationship, persons who can work well with people born under the moon in Gemini are those whom they find to be both physically and intellectually attractive to them.  Though they like to move a lot and are not expected to stay in a given situation for a long time as there is a need for them to mingle with others, they are known to be faithful to their chosen partner.

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