Moon in Capricorn

What do we expect when we interact with people born under the moon in Capricorn?  Well, they are the type of persons who wants everything organized.  When confronted with certain issues, they will go for the solutions which are the most practical, and will most likely be prepared for every contingency should it arise.  They do not believe in taking risks, and do not even let their emotions get the best of them.  They are very sensitive of what people may think or say against them, which is why they are their own worst critic.  They have a tendency of keeping things to themselves as they evaluate their own decisions and actions because they are afraid of being humiliated.  Following their refusal to deal with their emotions, they sometimes encounter problems with relationships because they do not know how to deal with the feelings of the other person. We do not expect them to discuss their problems because they are afraid of being rejected or laughed at once they reveal their dilemmas. 

People born under the moon in Capricorn are hard working individuals and are self-disciplined, which is one of the reasons they earn the admiration for others.  They are very good office workers because they know how to keep themselves in check as they set forth their plans in achieving their goals and objectives.  For them, it is very important that people respect them.  They want people to know that they are in charge of the situation and that it is in their capable hands, even though they may have their own personal problems deep inside.  However, they have a tendency of making people follow their way and often encounter problems of keeping their anger in check.  As mentioned earlier, they do not let their emotions get the best of them because they simply do not know how to deal with it.  Sadly, their failure to deal with their own sentiments eventually leads to dejection and sometimes illness or sickness.

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