Moon in Cancer

They say that the persons who make the best companions are those persons born under the moon in cancer as they are known to be affectionate since they value their relationships very much.  People who have partners born under this sign can feel at ease because they will surely take care of us.  However, there is a tendency for these people to become possessive as they tend to be overly protective of their relationship. Yet, people born under this sign are surprisingly bashful at first, and need  some time to warm up to a person.  If they find themselves uncomfortable in any given situation,   chances are they will just curl up and go back to their shells. But the moment they feel at ease with the person they are talking to and have laid their trust on them, we can find comfort in the fact that our relationship with them will surely be treasured.  Once we have established a rapport with them, we can expect them to stay with us through thick and thin. It is also interesting to note that these people give special importance to family relationships.  Sometimes, they can read other person’s feelings which are why they are referred to as “psychics”. 

Though this emotional trait can be just the thing which people longing for companionship are looking for, it can also lead to undesirable results as they tend to be domineering and possessive.  Sometimes, they are also known to be too moody which can be quite confusing at times.  They have a crazy sense of humour, but their exceptional outlook in life is one thing which can be quite inspiring. Nevertheless, this emotional sensuality brings out their creative abilities which make them suitable in the field of writing or even artistry so that they can express themselves more effectively. 

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