Moon in Aquarius

If we are looking for those people who will stick it out with us through thick and thin, and who will make sure that we do not feel left out in the group, then we should be looking for people born under the moon in Aquarius sign.  They have no problems getting along with anyone, but for them, they make sure that everyone fits right into the group. Hence, if there are people being picked on or being ostracized, these are the individuals who will surely stand up and protect us.  

They are the individualists in the zodiac family, meaning, they do not restrict their friendship to a particular individual or group of persons, but it does not mean that they are not faithful or loyal.  It is just that they feel more comfortable sharing themselves with different types of persons.  They do not adhere to traditional ways and prefer moulding their own paths.  No matter how unorthodox their ways or methods are, we can forget even attempting to dissuade them from what they currently believe in because it would be a simple waste of time as there is very minimal chance that they would change their minds.  We do not expect them to be too emotional or sentimental, as these individuals prefer to deal with situations in a logical and rational manner.    In a certain way, these people are adventurous as they look forward to what the future has in store for them and is even receptive to the changes which may take place.  They are open and not afraid to take chances on advancements on their lives. For them, to be secure in life, the same can be attained through advancements which are why these people are kind of difficult to predict.

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