Mercury in Virgo

All those who are born with Mercury in Virgo have the gift of effective communication. They adhere to a particular order in their lives and have concise thinking processes. They are basically wordsmiths and can create beautiful sentences and are very good at languages. The orderly frame of mind helps them to be successful in the various fields of work they get into. They are able to approach new situations with a certain amount of detachment and thereby are able to keep their emotions in check when dealing with a crisis.

The Mercury in Virgo sign makes all those under it to have a voice filled with integrity. They are able to see the big picture through the many small details. Though this can work for the better in some cases, in others it can be very troubling as the individual starts to lose sight of the whole picture. Their obsession with details can make others rather frustrated at times. But the individual with such a sign is what he is. They also seek purpose in everything they do. Hence if they find out that a certain action does not yield any purpose whatsoever, they will easily pull the plug on that particular action.

They are also quite creative and excel in singing, drawing, writing etc. They are able to see the whole world in a different light and see the beauty that resides within them. It is this admiration for beauty and their attention to detail which makes them creatively good individuals. They are also sincere and virtuous thinkers who are able to dissect a particular vision into its smaller parts to fully understand them. This quality often makes others trust them in various aspects of their lives. They also like to keep the wheel turning at all times and dread stagnancy. Those born under Mercury in Virgo are deep thinkers who refine their perceptions with each passing day.

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