Mercury in Taurus

People born with Mercury in Taurus have a very practical and patient mind. Their thought flow processes are stable and conservative. They are also very observant and will often pick up and learn new things by simply using their power of observation. Even dealing with a certain situation, they will take all the time they need to carefully evaluate it and to weigh its various pros and cons. This often becomes to be misunderstood as a sign of being mentally slow. But in reality they are simply focusing on the various small details and different angles of a situation. Their mind is like a sponge that just sucks in every bit of information they get from out the outside. Once inside they will stay inside. Sadly, this applies to bad or incorrect information as well.

Mercury in Taurus makes them exceptionally good when dealing with finances. They are very shrewd and are excellent at managing money. They also place an emphasis on effort and organization which makes them ideal for a career in finances. Unfortunately too much order can be bad too and sometimes they can go a little bit overboard. They also hate being in disorderly or chaotic environments. As far as relationships are concerned, they might find impulsiveness and spontaneity to be fascinating attributes as they are such unique and novel concepts for them.

They are also quite stubborn and once a decision is made, there will be no chance in hell for them to retract on their stance. Even if others warn them of the consequences, they are more likely to just ignore such claims no matter how formidable the evidence may seem. If they do decide to make any changes, they will take their own time to carefully analyze the situation and will put a lot of thought into such a change. Those who have Mercury in Taurus value money very highly and they will always take their own sweet time regarding this matter.

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