Mercury in Scorpio

Those who have the Mercury in Scorpio have searching minds that are always probing into various thoughts. This quality lends them with a certain amount of insight which proves very valuable in their various fields of work. They can hide their critical and intolerant views well by putting on a positive exterior attitude. They enjoy keeping secrets and are well versed in finding out the secrets of others. Those in this sign can also easily measure another person’s strengths and weaknesses making them appear to be almost psychic to others.

Mercury in Scorpio often causes the individual to speak their real thoughts and perceptions without fear. Therefore, a sensitive individual can find it hard to be around them as they will have no qualms about speaking their mind. All those born under this sign will never mask their real thoughts just to appear to be polite. If they have nothing to say on a particular matter, they just won’t. Like the scorpion, they will sting if provoked. They will uncover every single weakness and will use them against their enemies without a shred of remorse.

They have a very stubborn mind and will fight tooth and nail to maintain their stance. They are also very determined. But they are also quite emotional and this ends up limiting them intellectually. Without proper control of their emotions they may focus their attention on subjects that are generally considered unfavorable. But those who have learnt to control their emotions won’t face any such problems. They often go through radical changes in their mind set from time to time. They also like being the leader and are quite perfect for the job as they can effectively find out the various problems and tackle them head on without fear. The one blind spot that those born with Mercury in Scorpio have, is that they tend to not see their own problems sometimes.

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