Mercury in Sagittarius

Those with Mercury in Sagittarius have an independent and versatile thinking process which causes them to express themselves in a very direct and sometimes argumentative manner. They also love to socialize and often engage in conversation with other people. They also have a very cheerful way about them when conversing with others. Though they might love engaging in trivial and light conversations, they have no qualms about having deep and philosophical conversations either. But at the same time, they will find it hard to accept views hat differ from their own. They are not very comfortable with making compromises and hence should be left to do their own thing in a team work environment.

All those born under Mercury in Sagittarius don’t have any problems in speaking their mind. They can be very blunt at times. They also quickly judge other people and any such judgments made on others will quickly roll of their tongue without getting filtered. They don’t intentionally plan to hurt other people, but their bluntness can make others around them very hurt especially if they are sensitive. It’s almost as if they can’t hold the thought long enough to edit them before speaking. In a way they are speaking their mind and are very honest about it.

They are also quite good at embellishing stories. It’s not that they like to lie nor do they have a fascination with manipulating truth, but they love to tell stories and they use any chance they get to improve one. They are pretty good story tellers and good orators. Their natural love of learning and their ability to communicate their ideas and thoughts well make them very good teachers. They might be hard on you, but they will teach you well. But they are more suited for teaching subjects related to creativity than other subjects like mathematics or science. Those with Mercury in Sagittarius truly believe that God is in the details and excel as philosophers, activists, politicians and adventurers.

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