Mercury in Pisces

Those born with Mercury in Pisces see life like an impressionist painting. Various shapes, sounds, images, memories and emotions all rolled into one magnificent painting. They have the ability to pick up on the subtle things in life that others just can’t see. They often have a deep inner vision of life and any actions they undertake are in tune with that particular vision. They often have a very dreamy outlook on life as well. They are also very sensitive to external disturbances in the environment and they will be extremely uncomfortable living in loud and chaotic environments.

Mercury in Pisces gives them an artistic outlook and they find themselves inclined towards music, theatre, photography etc. Real events often bore them and they have to turn to their imaginations to remain interested. They use their imagination and bring their visions from the mental plane into the physical one. They are also disappointed when things don’t run the way they intended them to. This is not to say that they’re arrogant and cynical people. They just like looking at the world through rose colored glasses because it feels more natural to them.

They also have an extremely sensitive and vulnerable mind. Within them, lie so many different emotions mingling with each other. But such emotional depth and variety gives them a clearer insight into others and provide them with a great sense of empathy. Their talent helps them to build bridges between people by acting as a fair and caring medium. They genuinely care for others and tend to see only the good in them. This quality however can also make them prone to trickery and deceit. Depending on how they focus their vulnerability, those born under Mercury in Pisces can achieve greatness in their lives by inspiring others into their way of life and thoughts.  

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