Mercury in Libra

Those with Mercury in Libra have a perceptive mind that can see a single issue from all the sides. This ability makes them great diplomats. In fact most of them often end up in careers which demand such a skill. They can successfully create peace and harmony from chaos and disorder. They are also born with a natural sense of fairness which only adds to their diplomacy skills. Such qualities also make them highly trusted by their fellow companions. But at the same time, these qualities can also make them indecisive. They sometimes end up taking too long while weighing the various pros and cons of a situation which ends up frustrating those around them.

Those born with mercury in Libra are easy going people and are a big hit at social gatherings. They can simply ease into conversations and are generally very warm people. Any social awkwardness they have will be easily forgotten due to their irresistible charm. They are also pretty good orators. While they love harmony, they can sometimes be a little too wary about conflicts. They also end up going around a particular conflict instead of tackling them straight on. The fear of conflict can end up hurting them sometimes. Conflict also makes them very uncomfortable for within them lies order and harmony.

They are also quite adept at establishing a solid connection between two parties, whether it is for an idea or for a person. It is an air sign after all, which means that they have a sense of clarity of thought to provide them with the ability to see the big picture in all its glory. Whether it is in their personal life or in their professional life, those born with Mercury in Libra strive to restore the much needed balance through the various activities they engage in.    

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