Mercury in Leo

Those with Mercury in Leo have a lot of will power residing in them and exhibit several leadership qualities. They are also stubborn and authoritative. Once they have made their opinions known, they will never retrace them out of fear or for being political correct. They will stand by their opinion no matter what. But at the same time, they hate to be proven wrong and can be sore losers at times providing various excuses for their mistakes. Within them reside the qualities to become a true jack of all trades. But this mastery will always be an illusion as they are very talented in making others follow them and their actions.

Due to such qualities, those who have Mercury in Leo make great leaders. They automatically gain respect from their peers and excel at writing and speaking. If there’s a line, they want to be in the front and only in the front. They are also very tenacious and unshakable in their beliefs and goals. They are after all the king of the jungle. And just like their lion counterparts, they do need a female companion to achieve true greatness.

They are also very charismatic, but this quality sometimes goes a little bit overboard and transforms into egotism. Their arrogance and pride can sometimes get the best of them. They are also on the move constantly in their thoughts and actions. They will often go from one thing to the other even before achieving anything in the first thing. They also like to look at the big picture rather than the little small images that make the whole picture. This can be an advantage or disadvantage according to different situations. The only thing that stands in the way of those born with Mercury in Leo is their ego and if they keep that in check, there is no limit to the greatness they can achieve.

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