Mercury in Gemini

People with Mercury in Gemini have very logical minds and love facts rather than dreamy ideals and gut inspired actions. They are also very analytical in their approach to life and will judge each action or situation with the facts that they have at hand, to determine whether they should do it or not. Unbiased analysis is the core of their decision making process. They are also quite adept at speaking and therefore make decent orators. They use their understanding and grasp of rationality to win arguments against others. They win most of the time too.

Mercury in Gemini also makes them very curious about different subjects and yearns to understand and know more about them. With a little bit of dedication and determination they can become a jack of all trades but master of none. But whatever they decide to learn, they are able to compartmentalize them in their mind to easily recall them for future situations. While there are many advantages in having a mind that can be so efficient in storing and using data, it can have some disadvantages too. Their mind always works at full speeds all the time and this can make them very restless at times. Unless they learn to control their mind, even relaxation activities will feel like work for them.

The above mentioned quality can also cause a lot of stress and lead to physical and emotional breakdowns from time to time. Insomnia and anxiety are some of the disorders that are frequently suffered by those in this sign. They can also have severe mood shifts every now and then in stressful environments. However, all these problems can be avoided by simply learning to take things more slow. Those born with Mercury in Gemini have a well equipped mind capable of achieving any goal they have, but such a mind has to be controlled first, to really reach its potential.

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