Mercury in Capricorn

Those with Mercury in Capricorn are very much engrossed in the practical things in life. They are often absorbed in their thoughts and slowly inch by inch move towards their goals. Capricorn is already a sign of intense authority and add to that, the fiery nature of Mercury and you have a really interesting result. Most of them have deep and booming voices which may be intimidating for others. They also have a lot of patience and often stick to a single subject in their field in order to become a master of it.

Mercury in Capricorn also makes the individual focus specifically towards their purposes. They channel their entire energy only towards the activities and people who can help them to reach their goals. Anything else will make them disinterested pretty quickly. They possess a lot of self control and often engage in conversations that directly get to the point they wish to point out. They really don’t care much about chit chat. This quality can make it hard for them to mingle with others.

They are also able to quickly find out the various problems involved with a certain idea or an activity. This is because they like to visualize the various steps towards competition before even agreeing to move in a certain direction. Although this is a good quality, sometimes the individual can get overly pessimistic especially when it comes to taking any leap of faith. They are also very much interested in history and cultures. They have a deep connection to the past and this often translates to their method of tackling ideas. All those who are born with Mercury in Capricorn are interested in leaving their mark on the world and with every activity they engage in, they try to slowly work towards that particular goal.

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