Mercury in Cancer

People who are born with Mercury in Cancer are mostly intuitive thinkers who act from their gut feelings rather than logic. It is quite difficult for them to make rational decisions when dealing with subjects they are opposed to, as they are highly biased. They also have very good memories and can remember important details that refer to data like dates, names etc. They are also inclined towards the creative field and hence are more prone to become writers or teachers. Science and mathematics are not ideal for them as they don’t allow sufficient space for personal opinions.

But what is more important to those with Mercury in Cancer is the appreciation they get from all those around them. They also value personal relationships a lot and let their lives be ruled by nothing but pure emotions. This can cause them to win some battles and lose some too. They will love their partners unconditionally until they reach the breaking point. This breaking point is often missed by their partners but crossing that particular point will result in the relationship slowly nearing its end. But with a partner who can understand them fully, their relationship will flourish till the very end.

They are also very friendly and will remain loyal to their friends till the end of time. They will even take on the problems of their loved ones and make them their own to share the suffering. Such is the attitude of those born under this sign. Once they have formed a connection with another individual, they find it extremely hard to sever them, even when the other individual is not worthy of the relationship. They just end up helping all those who really don’t deserve such care and dedication. In such cases, all those with Mercury in Cancer can end by draining all their energy and leaving very little for their own life.

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