Mercury in Aries

All those who have Mercury in Aries have minds that spawn original thoughts. Their mind is always sharp and can process information very quickly. Whenever they engage in a situation, they will try their best to remove any obstacles that hinder their process and mental speed. Such obstacles often frustrate them as they like to maintain a high momentum at all times. This fascination with speed often crosses into their personal interests too. They will going to water sports, car and bike races etc. Patience is simply a quality that they just do not have.

Mercury in Aries makes it difficult for them to hold a particular thought in their mind for a long time. They are almost impulsive when it comes to decision making. Therefore they might have problems leading a team unless they have someone to keep them in check. Having a hungry mind that forever looks for stimulation might not be ideal during situations when one is expected to be tactful and patient. But if they can control their urges, they will be able to overcome any obstacles and attain their goals. Their love for winning and their need to view everyone else as their adversary can make them look like insufferable egotists to some.

What really makes them stand out in a sea of people is their originality. They are the ones who make new concepts for others to grow their ideas around. This trait also gets them a lot of fans who stick by their every word and action. They are also quite confident about their views and perceptions and can sometimes force their opinion on others. They are excellent in coming up with new ideas, but they end up moving to the next idea before their previous one reached its potential. But if those who have Mercury in Aries learn to be more patient, there is no world that they can’t conquer.

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