Mercury in Aquarius

They also have mood shifts from time to time. One minute they might be introverted and aloof and before you know it, they will become extroverted. Mercury in Aquarius makes all those who are born under the sign to be somewhat detached, inventive and abstract in their way of thinking. They have a chaotic mind too where thoughts whizz by in a disorganized manner. Their thoughts of course have logic in them but they all have to be aligned together in their mind to make proper sense of them. This often makes others to dub those born under this sign to be eccentric. Of course this will be only until they find out that their thoughts and views were actually correct.

Those born with Mercury in Aquarius often get drawn into revolutionary ideas and causes. But they are not simple anarchists because they have an intuitive mind and are good judge of characters. They also believe in fairness and balance. They will only judge other people on their merits and this quality makes them quite perceptive. They also have the gift of a quick wit and an open mind to a certain extent. Sometimes they will engage in a certain thought process and become so drawn into it that they will refuse to let go of it.  

Such mood shifts highly depend on their frame of mind at that particular moment. This tendency often makes it hard for them to hold on to a particular role in a group working environment. They can also pretty hard to handle in relationships and hate to be confined to any particular routine. They can only have relationships with either similar individuals or those who have a very understanding nature. Those born under the sign of Mercury in Aquarius will always follow their own path and inspirations to reach their goals and beyond.

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