Mars in Virgo

You have a strong urge to be needed. You will do what others dare not to do if you feel only you can do it. Mars in Virgo lets out a very crucial energy. Generally people with such star signs work in service oriented occupations.  Professions like soldier, nurse or serving in Red Cross in war torn areas will be selected willingly by them. You will strive to make a difference. So many people in the health industry like big surgeons, CNA workers and nurses have Mars in Virgo.

You will like to work by the book. You can handle severe issues which others will usually back off. You are generally very quiet and work oriented. You love your job and will show lot of dedication to it. You will struggle if you are given creative jobs like painting, music and advertising. Working with a formula is what you love. You are great planners. You plan your future well ahead and lead a life just as you wish. You will dedicate yourself to your work. You will expect the others to do the same. This might cause problems most of the time. Mars in Virgo people so not make great leaders as they will demand too much and make the team members go mad. They are excellent in their profession as individuals.

You will definitely have a strong sex drive. The same passion shown in job can be expected in bed also. But you will conceal your feelings for the fright of being scrutinized. You have a very secret liking to explore the various fantasies but are so reluctant to do so. You criticize others who do so stating various logical and medical reasons. Demanding too much perfection from family members and colleagues will make them grumble instead of respecting you. You might be correct in everything you say, but do not expect others to oblige to each and every wish of yours. You can plan the best for them. But it is up to them to lead their own life and commit their own mistakes.

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