Mars in the Signs

Mars in the signs represents the ego that resides in an individual. It is the spark that drives one to action and helps to bring a particular idea from the mental plane into the physical one. It is the very force that creates momentum and pushes people to reach for their dreams and attain their goals in life. It also helps one to take necessary and courageous risks, to

propel forward in hard times and provides the courage and conviction to stand up for themselves when things become difficult. However it isn’t peachy fine either as it can be used to drive an individual towards the dark side. Too much ego can propel and create angry outbursts and be used to strike another person down without mercy.

Mars in the signs will differ from one sign to another. By knowing your zodiac signs, you’ll be able to figure out whether you have the necessary drive or excessive drive to reach your goals. Mars in Aries causes one to quickly leap to action and can get roused pretty easily. They get angry easily and are generally competitive and hot headed whereas Mars in Taurus make the individual more instinctive and deeply anchored to the ground. They are patient, resourceful and disciplined. Mars in Gemini however, are more playful, agile and often put their legs in too many boats at the same time. This also makes them confused at times. Their multi directional focus can be either an asset or be the end of them depending on how well they can control them.

Those with Mars in the signs of Virgo are efficient, very helpful and devoted. They love to get into the process and look forward to establishing a particular rhythm and sticking by it. Mars in Leo are often proud, bold and very expressive in their ideas and beliefs. They are determined to make a name for themselves in whichever field they enter and have the strength and courage to do just that. Mars in Cancer makes those under the sign to linger for sometime before resorting to a particular action. They are gentle and caring but can be moody at times. Mars in Scorpio and Sagittarius are vengeful and happy go lucky respectively. Those under Scorpio are also incisive and operate covertly whereas those under Sagittarius are energetic and free spirited. Depending on the reading of Mars in the signs, you can find out about your shortcomings and change them appropriately to improve your life.

Mars in the Signs of the Zodiac:

Mars in Aries
Mars in Taurus
Mars in Gemini
Mars in Cancer
Mars in Leo
Mars in Virgo
Mars in Libra
Mars in Scorpio
Mars in Sagittarius
Mars in Capricorn
Mars in Aquarius
Mars in Pisces

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