Mars in Taurus

Endurance is the word for you. Mars in Taurus stands for long lasting energy. Slow and steady will suit you the best. If Taurus is bull, Mars is red. So both the high powers combine to give out great bursts then and there. Immovable, endurable, sustainable whatever you call, you people are the most reliable and loyal ones. Be it marriage, friendship or workplace, your patience and loyalty will be well appreciated. You will keep your emotions deep within you and burst out one time or another. But cool down immediately and carry on with your routine work.

Mars in Taurus makes a person extremely stable. Such people flourish if they are in sustaining sport activities like boxing and wrestling. Hard core engineering constructions and secretarial jobs which requires lot of patience also will be managed well by them. Since you are very steady and take every step in your life after thinking about it a lot, you will not face accidents generally. You will have a compelling need for physical objects. You will plan and buy everything that is necessary to make you happy and comfortable. When it comes to profession, things created by you will have a standard quality. Be it a simple presentation or a costly blueprint for a dam, you will deliver the best quality output.

Mars in Taurus people feel they have to strive or wait too long even for simple joys in their life. Since you are a principle oriented person, you will be very loyal to your partner and expect the same from them. You will have difficulties in expressing your love to them like others. If your other half wants to take you on a surprise shopping trip, by interfering into your TV time, you will persistently deny it. You stick to routine and enjoy it. Changing it is so hard for you. Such stubbornness may be the cause of break up between many beautiful relationships. If you become a little flexible and try not to mind all the details present, you will succeed much faster and easier in life.

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