Mars in Scorpio

You are a perfectionist. But many people prefer to define you head strong. Mars in Scorpio is a perfect combination of practical as well as emotional energy. Such people are similar to a dormant volcano. All lush and green in the outer and fuming in the inner side. You have enormous strength within yourselves. You seem so balanced but are very sensitive inside. You bear a lot of grudge and do not forgive or forget anything that easily.

Befriending a Mars in Scorpio person is like having a protective shield against you. They will do everything to take care of you. But if you hurt them or betray them, you cannot see any reaction immediately. They will let the wound go sore and take revenge in such a way you can never forget. If you are a Scorpio with mars, you have to cool down and take certain things easily for your own benefit and the goodness of the society. You have enormous capacity using which you can succeed in nearly anything you try. You are focused, do not have any place for laziness and are clever enough to play the game in the proper way. You will persist until you succeed. Material prosperity and status will not matter to you much as it will come to you without striving hard.

Your do or die attitude will make you a leader in any field you pursue. So many famous personalities like Picasso, Martin Luther King Roosevelt and Richard Burton were mars in Scorpio. When it comes to love life you are very hard to handle.  You will be extremely possessive towards your partner, even though you do not show it straightaway. You like to indulge yourself in numerous fetishes and explore intense and dark sex. Your stubbornness and dignity will go away when you are in bed. Be very careful to choose a partner with similar interests to avoid problems.

Your intensity in work and love life may cause unnecessary psychological problems and stress related diseases like high blood pressure and heart diseases. Learn to trust your partner wholeheartedly.

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