Mars in Sagittarius

People with Mars in Sagittarius are so just. You fight for what you think is right. You are ready to sacrifice anything for the sake for your leaders or the philosophy you stand for. Often great leaders, thinkers and scientists who made new discoveries show such traits. Lack of consistency and the non-ability to persevere longer will be your only drawback. Mars in Sagittarius gives abundant mental and emotional strength. 

You will be known for your enthusiasm and vibrant energy. You will be the most liked person among your friends. You love merry making, are creative and know how to keep yourselves and others around you happy. You support your friends even in their bitter times, if you think justice is in their side. You would love travelling or wandering. Sticking to rules and regulations is hard for you. You are easily attracted to philosophies and principles that lead human kind to betterment. Since you have abundant belief in yourself and others, you get to succeed in everything you think is possible. Your mental power gets your desire fulfilled.

Activities like gambling, poetry, law, public speaking and customer care jobs will suit you well. Mars in Sagittarius people are usually afraid of having long lasting relationships when it comes to their love life. You just want physical relief most of the time, without much emotional attachment. You are secretly afraid that your partner might start controlling you if you express your love frequently when it comes to love.  Focus is the main need of the hour for you. Our earth faces so many problems, which could be handled and solved if people with strong philosophical nature and good luck like you come forward to take care. Indulging in too many projects or activities at the same time and not succeeding in any is your trade mark. But this small drawback can be overcome if you focus your attention on the field which really draws your attention.

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