Mars in Pisces

Mars in Pisces is an embodiment of mental strength. Artists, musicians, sculptors, poets and writers who are capable of producing amazing creations fall under this category. Unlike Mars in Leo, Mars in Pisces do not dare about fame. In contrary, Mars in Pisces people are so shy and reserved. They like to be left alone in solitude which is an inspiration for them to create great works. Mars in Pisces people are not physically strong. But have amazing mental power. They hold on to the most grueling situations in life also with their mental power only. You might appear confused, shrunken and so sensitive if you have this star sign. But in reality you have enormous potential hidden under you. You have the gift to see what other people feel. You can understand the situation from other person’s shoe. That is the reason you are not so assertive. That is the sole reason for creating impressive poems, stories and other works which attract people a lot.

You are so sensitive, that you might be hurt by the slightest misdemeanor of your friends of partner. Mars in Pisces people have very unrealistic dreams regarding their love life. They dream of a picture perfect lover. Even platonic love is quite ok for them, if their lover is ready to take care of their emotional needs.

You will have a very hard life, if you team up with aggressive people. Finding people as sensitive as you is also quite hard. Hence most of the great artists in this world struggle to maintain a proper relationship. Don’t get hurt too much if you are betrayed or misunderstood. Every person has different needs. You can become another great artist in the field you chose, if you have the will and desire to strive hard. You will have ample talent in anything creative. Team up with a strong person and spread your wings wide to make as many people happy with your creations.

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