Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra is will slow down a person’s potential. The energy and influence of Mars will be nullified by Libra. This will make the person with this Zodiac sign and mars a slow paced person. You will need a lot of motivation to succeed in life. The main advantage of Mars in Libra is its power to make the person physically attractive. Mars in Libra people will be usually very charming and handsome to look. They will be generous at hear and be submissive to their friends and families will. They will not be very passionate or very aggressive in their ambitions. But if they feel they are cornered are being taken for a ride, they will defend themselves by maintaining a proper distance from the person they detest. They hate to blame them directly and make enemies. Rather they try to go on their way staying safe. If you are a Mars in Libra you will definitely know how to choose the right partner for you. If you have a motivating and caring friend or family member, you will go to any end to make them happy.

People with Mars in Libra are very good diplomats. You usually try to satisfy everyone instead of taking a strong stand. You do not have a very strong sex drive. You like to be pampered and taken care of emotionally instead of engaging in physical activities. If you pair up with a person who has intense sexual interests you are sure to lead a miserable life.

Being assertive in certain times of life is not a sin. You should strive hard to survive in this world. Not everything will come to you if you are too good. A hungry lion will not spare a person just because he is a vegetarian. So learn to take things in hand and be strong. It is very necessary to lead a successful, if not normal life in this money driven world.

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