Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo is the notable star sign for so many film celebrities. You have an immense power to attract people. You will love to get attention. You will act, sing, dance talk or do anything which fetches you fame. Fame is as important to you as food and water. It will come to people with talent and inner glow like you quite easily. Traits of Mars in Leo can be noted even from a very small age. The children will show interest in attracting people by appearing cute, singing, dancing and trying in numerous ways to attract the crowd.

Most of the people with Mars in Leo end up in the cine field or in politics. Their charisma is their greatest strength and weakness. They need someone to be on their side and keep praising them always. Many famous artists and actors have lost their fortune nurturing this group which lives on their hard earned reputation. You are actually emotionally dependent on someone stay assured that you are doing well. Stage is the best place for you. You will not have anything like stage fear. You know exactly what will enthrall the audience right from the time you set foot on the stage for the first time.

You will expect your lover to take care of your every basic need. The more they express the love for you, the more confident you become and start engaging in other relationships. On the other hand if they ignore you, you do everything to attract them to you. You will definitely have a long list of committed lovers. Your sexual quest is quite high. You will treat sex like an art and be open to all the new ideas. So you will never fall short of lovers too.

Bringing down your pride and staying down to earth will help you to save a lot of distress in later days. Don’t get flattered by the slightest praises. Calm yourselves and think about the motive of the person praising you. Analyze truthfully whether you are worthy of it. Staying awake and cautious will help you attain great heights in life. 

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