Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini fills a person with enthusiasm and overflowing energy. You are so childlike and get attracted to each and every new thing you see. You get bored so easily. It will be amazing how interestingly you started a job and how soon you got bored with it. Your interest last in a job or a project only until you master the tricks and trade of it, which you do so very quickly. Then you switch to other activities or jobs almost immediately.

You aim in life is to try everything possible. You will indulge in an adventure sport for one day; will take up a drawing class the other day and can be seen learning to ride another day. You have a strong desire to try everything once in life. You do not have much material lusts and cannot be controlled by worldly commitments. You like to savor the taste of each and every pleasure and pain present in life. Being a teacher, journalist, critic, software testing, writing, crime reporting everything will suit you well. You are usually very talkative. You can use the words like weapons to hurt a person and the same words like medicine to heal a person in need. You are great in debates. You like to be known as intelligent among your friends and family.

Mars in Gemini people are generally flirts. They do not like long lasting commitments when it comes to love life. They get attracted to witty, ecstatic people for no reason and get bored by them quite quickly too. Mars in Gemini will make you a passionate lover. Your better half will feel they are dealing with a different person every day due to your frequent mood swings and interest changes. You will be a great companion to people who love variety in life and love. You have abundant mental energy. Your erotic playground is mind, rather than your bed. You have the will and power to get whatever you want. You will prosper almost in everything you try if you learn to focus your interest at one thing at a time and sustain it as long as possible.

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