Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn makes a person very successful in career. You would be a very career oriented person giving lot of importance to status if you have mars in Capricorn. Practical is the word for you. You can hide your emotions in a surprising way. You will focus all your energy towards attaining material needs. Status and respect is equally important to you. Since the full power of Mars is diverted to attaining professional goals, you will not give enough importance for your love life. You have abundant mental energy to succeed professionally. Your hard and clever work will bring you success very quickly. Most of the people with Mars in Capricorn are workaholics. Since they are caring and have the tendency to make people work to their will, they will be great managers loved by the employees as well as the management. You will use simple solutions to solve even the biggest problems. You are not very open to new out of the box ideas.

You are expert in expecting the worst and having an alternative for that. But this pessimism might prevent you from giving hundred percent to your work. You think too much and take things very seriously. Venturing into something new is almost impossible for you. You would like to stick to what you are so used to. You have very strong sexual needs along with lot of fetishes and fantasies. But you will be so careful to maintain a dignified image in front of the society. You feel so comfortable in your own space. So you will be quite happy if people think you are reserved and leave you alone.

You are easily attracted to powerful people and people who are in a position to exert authority. You feel yourselves attracted to them in some strange way and every cell in your body craves to be powerful. Let go is the word for you. Don’t take job or any responsibility so seriously. You will be much happier if you let go the unnecessary commitments you have made to yourself to excel in everything you touch.

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