Mars in Cancer

Mars in cancer makes a person peaceful and pleasant. The passion of Mars will not reflect a bit in Cancer. You are likely to be a normal person with very practical goals and very little aspirations. Assertive is not the word for you. You take life as it comes and do not try to change anything forcefully. Nearly half of our world’s population falls under this category. You do not have much planning regarding your future, work or family life. You do what you think is best at the particular time.

You struggle to defend yourselves when something goes wrong. You blame it on someone else and endure the difficulty with grumbling rather than taking steps to fix it. Your controlled feeling affects your body in various ways. You might have ulcer, other stomach related diseases and heat borne diseases. You are so sensitive. So when it comes to sex life, you will enjoy each and every small freedom given to you. You will worship your partner if they take good care of you and tend to your needs with love. You will stay loyal and attached to them forever.

Generally Mars in cancer people excel in both creative as well as go by the book jobs. They do not take any risk and look for a very secure job. Business will not suit them. It does not matter how hard they have to work or how creative or monotonously they have to work. They will meet the exceeding standards of the management. But they will be usually surpassed in promotions and other offers by other aggressive people. But their hard work always pays its fruits. Mars in cancer people are the most well settled one’s who lead a picture perfect life with a safe job, small family and occasional holidays.

It will be a boon if you get to have a good partner and friends. But don’t get too dependent on them. Even if they love you and you sacrifice everything for them, giving them enough space is good for a healthy relationship.

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