Mars in Aries

Mars is the planet of power. It represents self projection. The natural sign of mars is Aries. The influence of mars in Aries is so strong. Mars in Aries represents impulsiveness and very high energy. Mars in Aries can be very rewarding as it makes a person so strong and ambitious. But at the same time lack of self control and hastiness will be their drawback. If Mars is found in Aries it will make the person very self centered and goal oriented. Such people will not have any patience to withstand even the slightest interference or back talking. They want things to be done in their way no matter what the consequences. Because of this they will find it very hard to do teamwork. They will strive hard to become leaders and get others following them. Mars in Aries gives the talent to make the impossible things possible. The more the challenges the more they will like to take up the job. They will excel as a single performer always.

Another one of their major drawback is haste. They will put their heart and soul into a project. But they will not wait patiently until it starts giving proper results. They want success instantly. If there is any delay, they will start venturing into something new. Because of their haste, they will face lot of physical accidents, fire accidents and temporary illness. But they will be quite strong and overcome the minor difficulties. When it comes to love life, they will expect their partner to obey them diligently and without any hesitation. Their sex drive is very spontaneous. They like keeping in shape. They love vigorous sports activities. They will enjoy work and recreation equally.

People with Mars in Aries are usually labeled as selfish or egoistic by the friends and family. But in reality, they have lot of potential. If they have little discipline and self control they can win the world easily. But both the traits are very hard to achieve for them.

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