Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius will make a person poise and stubborn at the same time. Many of us would have come across people in life who will never heed to advice and continue acting according to their will. They will not oppose through words but through their actions. People with Mars in Aquarius will do exactly that. You are a hard to handle person when it come to working under a management. You will have lot of new thoughts and innovative ideas. But you will take very little efforts to bring them into actions. It is not that you are afraid of doing so. You are a bit stubborn and lazy to get it done.

Mars in Aquarius people fare well if they are placed in management and planning. They are the goal setters or target specifying people in most of the offices. They whole office will argue the goal they set cannot be achieved, but they comfortably put forward an action plan to do that. It will seem they are open to all the ideas, but they will make sure the final conclusion is according to their will. So much to the negatives of Mars in Aquarius, there are lots of positive aspects in them too. They are great planners. Every major project in this world starting form a local bridge to all the huge building constructions and missile designing has the involvement of so many Mars in Aquarius brains behind it.

Majority of people in the planning committees of any industry have their star sign as Mars in Aquarius only. When it comes to sex life your stubbornness might be a real issue. You tend to keep lecturing of your needs alone which might do irreversible damage to many relationships. People will take you to be a self centered person though you love and care for your partner a lot. You need to slow down at times and hear others speak and try to grasp its essence to understand their feelings. Apart from non-listening you will not have any major problems in life. You are compassionate, loyal and quite rebellious.

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