Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo makes a person very practical and realistic. People accuse them of being cynical at times. But Jupiter’s abundance is in direct conflict with the narrowness of Virgo. So Jupiter in Virgo people may be hard to convince. They never give in to praise or flattery. They look upon everything in life with doubt.  Even common issues will seem to them like an enemy plot. If you have this star sign, you will be very helpful, perfect and self-disciplined. Your honesty and dignity will be appreciated by all. Mostly soldiers and people in health care have Virgo sign. You investigate well about the investments you make. So you have very little chances of losing money in scams, gambling and through betrayal. This overprotective attitude might be the cause of missing some chances which are worth taking the risk too. Though you look like an emotionally detached person, you are ready to help people in need no matter they are your friends or foes. You will have a keen interest in solving mysteries. You will love puzzles. Most of the great mathematicians of the world are people with Jupiter in Virgo. You are obsessed about details in a strange way.

You strive so hard to make everything perfect, and end up in stressing yourself too much.  Only specific importance should be given to a specific issue. Don’t try to be a perfectionist in everything you do. You should learn to focus on multiple things to be successful in your life.

Your love life will be normal. Your helping tendency will attract your partner a lot. But your cynical nature which makes you criticize each and every thing will create problems in family life. Technology is the field for you. Anything related to science, logic and technology attracts you. You will excel in such jobs. Research oriented jobs will also suit you well. But you should avoid focusing too much on one aspect. This is necessary to keep yourself in good health and lead a normal life. Life is not always a battlefield and you can walk through it without armor too. So shed your unnecessary fears and take some bold steps.

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