Jupiter in the Signs

Jupiter in signs is a shining beacon that guides an individual towards their ultimate self. It is the essence that elevates the individual to heights and areas never known by him/her. It also directly refers to the growth and expansion of an individual in terms of his/her thinking and understanding. Jupiter is also known to stay in a particular sign for about a year. Therefore there are many who

share the same way of thinking towards an idea of that very same period. They will also have similar beliefs. Religion, philosophy, social issues all fall under the might power of Jupiter. After all Jupiter is considered to be the king of Gods.

Jupiter in the signs also determines living, prosperity and growth of an individual. Jupiter in Aries will provide those under the sign with a lust for life and the energy to chase after their goals. They have a lot of courage and often impress those around them. They are also very enthusiastic and excited and often spread them to all those near them. Jupiter in Taurus makes people very grounded and provides them with keen senses to help them to enjoy everything that surrounds them. They also have an artistic eye and can successfully create beauty around them. Jupiter in Gemini is also quite unique as it provides them with an energy that keeps their wheels turning at all times. The people under this sign are very social and thrive in fast paced situations.

Jupiter in the signs of Virgo provide gifts of discipline to all those with the sign. They will also have the ability to help and heal others in need. Jupiter in Leo makes people attracted towards colorful people who are vibrant, passionate and driven. They like to express themselves in a grand way and often go for larger than life scenarios for representing themselves. People with Jupiter in Cancer are very generous and are able to understand the emotional aspects of a situation better than others. Jupiter in Aquarius provides courage to people so that they can break through any situation they land themselves in. They are quite fearless and are willing to enter uncharted territories in their lives. All those who have Jupiter in Pisces are empathetic and extremely compassionate towards others whereas those with Jupiter in Capricorn are very optimistic and hard working. Jupiter in the signs gives an in-depth insight into higher learning and understanding.

Jupiter in the Signs of the Zodiac:

Jupiter in Aries
Jupiter in Taurus
Jupiter in Gemini
Jupiter in Cancer
Jupiter in Leo
Jupiter in Virgo
Jupiter in Libra
Jupiter in Scorpio
Jupiter in Sagittarius
Jupiter in Capricorn
Jupiter in Aquarius
Jupiter in Pisces

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