Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio stands for mysterious and spiritual. If this is your star sign, you will engage yourself in spiritual activities a lot. You will have a constant search in life. You will be excellent in handling finance. But your mind will be attracted in knowing the real truth. You will go the core of any project given to you. You will fill your head with even the minutest details. You will not rest until you are satisfied there is nothing new to explore. Most of the people with Jupiter in Scorpio are quite successful in business. They make millions of money easily, but still have and unfulfilled thirst for knowledge. Such people retire to spiritual life in the later part of their life giving most of their property to charity.

Jupiter in Scorpio makes a person a natural dominant. You will make others work for you if you like them. You have immense foresight and very good determination. This makes you succeed in almost anything you venture. Jupiter’s influence in Scorpio is quite strong. So you will live a life filled with abundance. This abundance of energy can be used in a progressive manner to bring up the society or in a destructive manner to cause great misery. 

It is up to you to adjust to the circumstances in your life and deliver the best. You will be generally attracted to anything mysterious. So many great sailors, pirates, explorers and archaeologists had Jupiter in Scorpio star sign. They used their bravery and intelligence to solve the long lasting mysteries and discover new things. Your sex life will be somewhat tiring. You will look on your partner with lot of questions as to what their intentions might be. 

You will not get involved emotionally with them that easily. You will have difficulties in maintaining a large friends circle and happy family life. You will create new opportunities to show your talent and attract money. A treasure hunt is more attractive to you than a real estate business. You should learn to stop being so skeptical about everything to lead a peaceful life.

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