Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. Since Jupiter is at home in this sign, it makes the person with this star sign extremely lucky. Put them in a desert, it will rain, put them in an ocean, they will be rescued by a cruise. If you are one such lucky person, success will reach you wherever you hide. You will not and need not strain too much for anything in life. Jupiter will make your life as easy as possible that you will look forward for competition when most of the world dreads competing. Sports field will suit you well. The more the challenge, the more you will shine in the field.

You are ardent travelers. It is a common part of your life which you are so used to. You will never feel uncomfortable travelling. You will serve as an inspiration to many youngsters. You will like fields where you do not have to strain much like teaching. You will try to win striving very hard if you are challenged. Your luck will make you prosper, even if you do the most unscrupulous thing on earth. You are completely easygoing. You do not bother a lot if you are hurt by your partner, betrayed or forced to accept other people’s views. Everything is in the game for you. The hardest thing on earth will be to make you unhappy.

You can really be a very nice friend if you try hard enough. But you are so easygoing and fail to understand the strong emotional necessities of certain people. This might cause problems in your love life too. Select a light hearted person with similar interests to be on safer side. You will treat sex as just another pleasure in life. You will neither avoid not crave a lot for it. You are blessed with good health and beautiful features. Jupiter in Sagittarius people looks quite graceful even when they are just out of the bed. You are quite satisfied always and striving hard for success means nothing to you. Enjoy your life and help others to share your happiness.

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