Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces is the ideal star sign for a good wife. Lucky by birth, ability to attract wealth, tender, nurturing and extremely compassionate is their natural quality. You will not be so ambitious or aggressive. In fact you are so empathetic that you feel sorry for unnecessary reasons. You will be safe if you have a strong personality to take care of you. Due to Jupiter’s influence you will not struggle a lot for money. But, you will be quite confused and scared of the outer world. Everything in life is beautiful, tender and loving for you. You break up easily if you face injustice, betrayal or pain. You need to be nurtured like a budding flower for the most part of your life.

Becoming strong emotionally and physically is quite hard for you. But you have to do it if life requires the same. You will do well in serving fields like nursing and in creative work like stitching and knitting. Cooking, cleaning and doing any such domestic work in seclusion will be so comfortable for you than working in a fast paced office to earn money. Men with such gentle nature are loved by so many girls. You will never fall short of girlfriends. But since you are so sensitive, you will get extremely hurt if you break up. Jupiter in Pisces is connected with healing directly. Fields like Physiotherapy, massage parlors and taking care of the old people and the infants will suit you well. You will fit quite easily into such professions which many people do not have the patience to try even for a day.  

Since you are extremely compassionate, people with aggressive personalities will try to take care of you. Be it a friend, sibling, life partner or parents do not depend solely on them for everything in life. Try to take your own decisions at least occasionally.  Indulge in healthy practices like meditation and physical exercises. You will have a strong urge to use drugs. Avoid it at any cost. You may try to explore your psychic side if possible. Jupiter in Pisces influences some mystical powers in the individual.

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