Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter in Libra is responsible for artistic nature of a person. You will be pleasing to look, keep the surrounding clean and go the extent of involving in environmental issues to keep the world clean. You will treat others fairly. People will come to you for right judgment because you do not favor any particular side. Public relations and customer service is the field for you. You can do quite well in fashion designing and interior decoration fields too.

Jupiter in Libra people’s family life will be a great success. You will be a loyal and perfect partner. You have a natural tendency to excel when you work in pairs. You will get to know the other person more and more as time passes and feel comfortable being in their company. This quality is so important for a successful marriage life. You know how to persuade your partner to your will and know when to yield to theirs. This character trait will make you a leader in your workplace too.

You are quite adventurous when it comes to work. You will try to create new and innovative designs. Traditional is not the word for you. Going by the book will not suit you well. You will work for a social cause whatever your social status might be. You will be naturally attracted to humanitarian and environment related issues. You just can’t keep out of such issues. Jupiter in Libra gives you the magical Midas touch which makes everything you touch grow abundantly. 

Though you have very good social life in which you are well respected by everybody, you are a lonely person inside. Don’t let your ego grow too high. You can get hurt easily even by the small comments from your loved ones. Express your true feelings now and then. There is no person so perfect. Your people will accept you with all the flaws as you are much better than them.

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