Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Leo makes a person inspire others. Public speakers, politicians and stage artists with lot of charisma belong to this star sign only. If you ask them what is the most important thing in their life their immediate answer will be recognition. But this will create lot of problems if it goes overdose. So be careful about your desires and emotions especially when you are in a party or a huge gathering.

Jupiter in Leo makes people crave for attention. You will have the talent to get the attention of the crowd most of the time. But don’t try to be so dramatic if you cannot do it or if others are having their thirty seconds of fame. Optimism and self confidence are your major plus points. Grandeur will attract you in all its forms. Be it a grand get together or a church ritual, you like it big and will make yourselves the center of attraction. You are a very honest person and a rare one to find in that sense.

You are so confident most of the times that you tend to lose sight on the upcoming dangers. This may lead to lots money loss. So be careful when it comes to handling money. Satisfying your ego can be done only if others recognize you. You can be deceived easily by flattering. So be careful and avoid unreliable people. You enjoy holidays and celebrations more than anybody else. You love to make merry. You want everything perfect and glorious in bed too. 

Your sex life will be satisfactory only if your partner nurtures your ego and makes you feel the best. You have the tendency to incline towards people praising you. So you might end up in one or more relationships at a time. Be careful not to get too attached to people trying to trap you. Think twice or thrice before choosing a friend and a life partner. Jupiter in Leo will bestow upon you abundant talent. Creative field and stage are the best places for you. Use your talent well to come up in life and be generous to help others. Make sure you are helping the right kind of people.

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