Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter in Gemini makes a person loved by all. You will be so jovial and understanding with a huge friends circle. You will make a great socialite. You will be interested in numerous fields. You will have knowledge about anything and everything. So you will find it so easy to communicate with almost anybody. You will attract people like magnet and use the good contacts to strive in business and personal life. Jupiter in Gemini will cause a subtle restlessness without any reason. This will kindle you to spend more, than to earn more. So you will feel you earn a lot, but nothing stays in your hand. In short you will appear to be a spendthrift to others. But actually you can manage your money well.

Jupiter in Gemini makes a person crave for travelling. You can simply live on the roads if life permits. You love to learn new things and explore new places. You will flourish a lot if you choose teaching, writing or music. You want to try and create something new always. You are ever enthusiastic and a bit restless. The only problem you have is in focusing. You cannot be tied down for a long time through lucrative offers. You are a free bird and like to be the same. You will be a very understanding lover. You can step into the opposite parties shoes easily and understand their feeling. Emotional bonding is something very hard for you.

You will love and entertain your friends and family members. But not yield to their desires if they try to control you. You will give your partner lot of space and expect the same from them. At times you might be confused about what you really want. No matter how hard you try, you will feel good opportunities which are always so near and clear flip through your fingers to someone else. It is a boon to have such a good nature. If you learn on concentrating in one field, you will go up in life quite quickly. This is the only thing Jupiter in Gemini people feel so herculean.

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