Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter in Capricorn will make a person very honest and ethical. You want to become rich in a proper way. You will struggle a lot if you are forced to compromise on your ethics for success. Life for you is achieving what you want in your own way. You are quite practical and do not have any major weakness like strong ego, gambling nature and laziness. Being too serious is your only problem. You are a matured person with lot of self discipline. You expect others to follow you to a certain extent and get irritated inside when they are irresponsible.

Jupiter in Capricorn will give you good humor sense, but you express it rarely. You are so enthusiastic when it comes to work. You put your full energy into the project you are involved and strive hard to make it a success without any illegal or black hat practices. You have patience and can wait persistently to get the result. But when others force you to go fast even if it means compromising basic ethics, you feel life is impossible and burst out. Being more practical and developing a sense of balance between ethics and success is your need of the hour.

You are quite creative and will flourish if you are in planning field or in architecture. You have a strong craving for status, power and money. You think you could change the world and make it a better place if you have power. You will support environmental causes a lot. You will love to help people come up in their lives through various ways, but will not spoil them giving free money. You are a strong willed person and expect the person accepting help from you also to be tough and ethical.

Jupiter in Capricorn will make you capable of balancing your personal life well with professional life. You will love your partner very much. But you will not express it often by spending money or buying gifts. You will respect them and help them come up in life, if they have an ambition. You will share a very good bond with your children.

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