Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter in Cancer will make a person so motherly. They want to nurture someone or something no matter what. Building a huge building from the scratch, taking care of children, health industry where so much care is necessary and psychological fields where they will be in a position to give counseling to others everything will suit them well. Jupiter will make you attract wealth no matter whatever field you are in. You will have a strong liking for tasty food. As a result you will face lot of weight related problems and have stomach related diseases.

You are very scared when it comes to new ideas. You want a very secure life. You will think thrice before spending a penny. You will be extra careful when it comes to investments. So your family and friends will have difficulty in making you enjoy the small comforts of life. You will save lot of money because of this careful spending. But taking care of health is very important. Otherwise you will end up spending most of the money you saved for hospital bill.

Jupiter in Cancer people will flourish in wealth by their middle age. You are a very sensitive person when it comes to relationships. You want everything best and secured for your friends, family and kids. If they rebel, sometimes wanting to lead their own life, you should understand life’s values are not the same for everyone. You should avoid being very orthodox and try to fit with the world. Economic intelligence alone is not enough to succeed in life. You should try to understand the new morals and various cultures. You will not have any interest in travelling, but it will help you broaden your views a lot.

Jupiter in Cancer people’s family will enjoy their love and affection a lot. There will not be much issue if you are women. But if you are a male, you need to control your emotions a bit and control your craving for food a lot to lead a peaceful life. Turn your attention towards arts and other areas which might interest you instead of sticking on to your friends and family always.

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